Renal Canada

Renal is another term for kidney. The Renals are complicated organs that have numerous biological roles. Their primary role is to maintain the homeostatic balance of bodily fluids by filtering and secreting metabolites (such as urea) and minerals from the blood and excreting them, along with water, as urine. Renal also secretes hormones that regulate certain functions of the body. The body could not function well if abnormalities with the kidney are present.

As Canada people experience chronic Renal disease, they are often advised by their doctor or dietitian to go on a special diet - the kidney (renal) diet. This diet often includes lowered intake of potassium, phosphorous and sodium. The kidney (Renal) diet will differ depending on what stage of chronic kidney disease a person is in, what type of dialysis a person is on and what other diseases like diabetes, heart condition a person have.